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About Us

About Us

The Sea Salt Superstore was founded to bring old world gourmet foods, exotic spices and hand crafted natural sea salts to gourmet food consumers. In addition to our branded product lines, we offer retail packaged products from artisan companies that produce high quality hand crafted sea salts, exotic spices, rubs, peppers, specialty teas, unique honeys, savory dipping sauces and delicious appetizers from every corner of the world. Our products are not manufactured by huge conglomerate agri-businesses; most of our products are hand crafted by small family businesses that have been producing great products for generations.

The Sea Salt Superstore searches the world for the highest quality sea salt products and we usually import container loads of gourmet sea salt products.  The Sea Salt Superstore produces the Caravel Gourmet, SeaLina Spa and Healthy Himalaya product lines that offer high quality products that are beautifully packaged.

The Caravel Gourmet product line offers one of the largest and highest quality collections of gourmet sea salts in the world. In addition to the wonderful natural salts we source from different parts of the world, we are also experts at creating natural salt infusions that are the craze of the gourmet food industry because they add dynamic flavor and aroma to your favorite dishes. Salt infusions are high quality natural sea salts infused with natural herbs and spices of the highest quality. Infused salts like Smoked Bacon Chipotle, Truffle, French Citrus Fennel, Garlic Medley, Ghost Pepper and Smoked Garlic are some of the salts available in our extensive collection of gourmet sea salts. 

Our gourmet sea salts are available in an extensive variety of retail packaged products and in bulk quantities.  We also create private label gourmet sea salt brands for over 100 U.S. and international companies. We offer full service branding, design, labeling and production to create private label brands that offer high quality sea salt and spice products that are beautifully packaged.

Himalayan products are extremely popular gourmet food items that we offer under the Caravel Gourmet and Healthy Himalaya brands.  Himalayan salt cooking bricks are popular because they are unique, beautiful, and fun to use while cooking your favorite foods like meats, seafood and vegetables. The iconic salt crystals contain 84 trace minerals and also retain heat and cold.  We offer many different Himalayan products and are one of the leading U.S. importers.  Himalayan salts are really great as they are produced from iconic sea salt crystallized over the last 200 to 500 million years and are mined in the Himalayan mountain range. The all natural, mineral rich salt has wonderful flavor and is produced from ancient water that was pristine and free of pollutants. Mineral rich, all natural salt produced from the cleanest water produces a great salt product. 

Our commitment to quality products is only one aspect of the overall commitment to excellence that extends to every part of our business. We are confident that you will be 100% satisfied with our products and your overall shopping experience at the Sea Salt Superstore. Whether it's our employees in the warehouse, the buyers traveling the world searching for new and better products, or the customer service representatives waiting for your call, we all take great pride seeing that the Sea Salt Superstore continues to offer outstanding products, pricing and customer service.

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