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The Sea Salt Superstore has searched the world for the highest quality of natural gourmet sea salts. We speicalize in seal salts, gourmet products, and natural bath & spa salts. We are one of the top leading manufactures of infused sea salts in the United States. In today's gourmet food industry infused sea salts are all the rage, and can bring that something extra to your meals.

By adding a few of our specality infused natural sea salts such as, Garlic, Truffle, and Balsamic can cause your meals to become dynamic in flavor and aroma. To spice up any meal try some of our bestselling spicy infused sea salts like our Sriracha, Ghost Pepper, and Spicy Garlic Pepper. Add a little something extra to your favorite meats with our in house naturally smoked sea salts that have been smoked with Alderwood, Applewood, and Cherrywood. Our most popular smoked sea salts are Smoked Bacon, Smoked Bacon Chipotle, and Smoked Garlic.

Our specialty gourmet sea salts an natural bath salts are offered to retail and wholesale customers in a variety of packaging options as well as in bulk

 The Sea Salt Superstore produces all natural products using the Caravel Gourmet and SeaLina Spa product lines. 

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