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Ravida Sea Salt - 17.8 oz

Ravida Sea Salt - 17.8 oz

SKU: NS081

RAVIDA Sea Salt is produced from the low waters of the Mediterranean Sea along the western coast of Sicily. It is a natural untreated salt, made to traditional methods, rich in minerals such as iodine, fluorine, magnesium and potassium, all of which make it an ideal table salt.
Harvesting takes place once the water has evaporated. The salt is piled first into small heaps inside the salt pans and then into larger piles along the edges where they are protected from the rain with clay tiles. It is then simply crushed and ground without further refining.
The combination of different minerals and the naturally low percentage of sodium chloride in RAVIDA sea salt gives it a delicate taste and plenty of flavor without being too strong or salty.


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