About Us

About Us

To be the most trusted partner for sustainable all-natural sea salts from around the world. 

In striving to do so, we work closely with harvesters, suppliers, employees, customers, retailers, stakeholders and investores to manufacture, sell and distribute only the highest quality natural salts. We know that great food starts with great ingredients and that great food nourishes not only your body but your family, your relationships and your soul. 


Founded in 2007, we started as a small direct importer, distributor and reseller of packaged salts from around the world and operated a small retail store in Lynnwood, Washington. We quickly outgrew a small retail footprint and expanded our manufacturing and processing capabilities to include proprietary methods of smoking and infusing gourmet salts to create the broadest selection of gourmet salts in the world.

In addition, we launched and scaled several retail brands nationwide including Caravel Gourmet, Healthy Himalaya, Sealina Spa and The Salty Chef with our retail products available across more than 1,000 locations including Costco, Kroger and hundreds of independent and specialty stores. 

Today, we continue to outpace industry growth and are expanding our salt solutions even further by launching high volume ingredient salt solutions for food processors and manufacturers in the United States as well as exporting our exotic salt collections around the world


Our flagship brand, Caravel Gourmet was founded to bring global flavors, exotic spices, and hand-crafted natural sea salts to gourmet food consumers. The Caravel Gourmet product line offers one of the largest and highest quality collections of gourmet sea salts in the world. In addition to importing high quality natural salts, we are also experts at creating natural salt infusions that are the craze of the gourmet food industry because they add dynamic flavor and aroma to your favorite dishes. Salt infusions are high-quality natural sea salts infused with natural herbs and spices of the highest quality. Infused salts like Smoked Bacon Chipotle, Truffle, French Citrus Fennel, Garlic Medley, Ghost Pepper and Smoked Garlic are some of the salts available in our extensive collection of gourmet sea salts.

Our gourmet sea salts are available in an extensive variety of retail packaged products and in bulk quantities.  We also create private label gourmet sea salt brands for over 100 U.S. and international companies. We offer full-service branding, design, labeling, and production to create private label brands that offer high-quality sea salt and spice products that are beautifully packaged.


Our commitment to quality products, great customer service and competitive pricing drives everything we do. We strive for 100% satisfied customers, supplier partners and retailers. Whether it's our employees in the warehouse, the buyers traveling the world searching for new and better products, or the customer service representatives waiting for your call, we all take great pride seeing that the Sea Salt Superstore continues to offer outstanding products, pricing and customer service.


We practice  GMP, HACCP and SQF best practices across all of our artisanal batch production facilities. We require suppliers, harvesters and supply chain partners to also maintain the highest industry standards and audited certifications for both quality control and food safety.  Kosher, Halal and Organic Compliant certifications are also available for the vast majority of our products with additional spec sheets and certificates of analysis available upon request. 


We believe that a partnership approach is critical in business and life. This means that we invest in developing long term partnerships and relationships built on trust, transparency and honesty. We are not 'transaction' focused or seeking to do one off deals, sales or large buys. We believe that long term thinking leads to the best outcomes for our customers, employees, suppliers and owners.  We maintain and abide by a strict code of ethics and ask that others we work with do as well.