Bulk Reseller Program

We are excited to expand upon our capabilities to serve other salt and spice resellers and their customers both online and in physical locations. Below are some common questions about the program and how it works.

What is the program? Who is it for?

This Bulk Reseller Program is for physical and online stores who want to repackage and sell our  specialty salts and seasonings in a variety of containers, sizes, by the pound or in bulk.  It is ideal for both new brands exploring online sales as well as established companies looking for unique high quality all natural products for their existing customers. 

What gourmet salts are included?

We include over 100 varieties in our program with more being added each quarter. A current list can be found here and we will continue to roll out online ordering capabilities on our website for faster and more convenient options to order.  

What size/quantities can I order? 

Our bulk salts are packaged in convenient 5 lb stand up pouches with larger sizes being packed into convenient 40lb “bag in box” for ideal shipping. Larger quantities above 2,000 pounds can also be packed in a “supersack” if required. 

What are the minimums and are there any additional discounts?

There are no minimums when ordering online here and no additional wholesale applications or approvals are required. Customers who expect to order 500 lbs or more, should contact us at sales@seasaltsuperstore.com to inquire about being approved for wholesale and other volume price discounts.

Is this the same as your bulk ingredients program? 

No. Are bulk ingredients programs are for high volume food processors and manufacturers with complex certification and process requirements. Those accounts are typically on annual open purchase orders with pallet and truckload volumes.  If you are interested in our high volume bulk ingredient salt program for food manufacturers or distributors, please contact Paul at paul@seasaltsuperstore.com

Can I private label your gourmet salts or repackage in my own containers? 

Yes. While you should follow all local, state and federal regulations regarding commercial kitchens, food packaging and labeling, our bulk salts can be repackaged for resale. Consult your national and local regulations for more information.

Will you provide Nutritional Facts and other certifications? 

Upon request, we will provide a spec sheet, nutritional facts and list of ingredients. Batch level chemical analysis and certification is available for an additional fee and may require longer lead time. 

Can I resell your gourmet salts on my own website and on other websites like Amazon or Walmart.com?

Yes and no. We DO allow you to repackage in a different format, under a different SKU and brand name. Any products being sold online should have their own unique UPC code and not reuse our Sea Salt Superstore or Caravel Gourmet identifiers. We do NOT allow 3rd parties to sell our SKUs online directly as a 3rd party seller of our branded products.

Do you accept returns?

We accept returns of unopened, sealed products for 30 days from the date of sale with a 10% restocking fee. As a food item, we are unable to accept returns of open or partially used product. We encourage customers to request samples before purchasing large quantities.  All returns must be pre-approved and any return freight is deducted from any final refunds.   

Can I receive samples? 

Yes. Please contact us at customerservice@seasaltsuperstore.com for samples. We will gladly provide samples from legitimate customer requests. 

Will you “white label” or “drop ship” your bulk salts to my customers on my behalf and use my company name/logo? 

Yes. Please contact us for more details. 

We ship direct from our warehouse and also apply your branded logo on product labels. This allows you to focus on sales to your customers and we handle the rest. There is a 5% handling fee per order and standard shipping charges apply but you maintain the relationship with the customer including invoicing, customer service, pricing, etc.  

Will you provide other packaging/containers/labels?  

Yes. Please contact us for more details. 

Our global supply chain means we have access to packaging and label solutions at better pricing than smaller companies are able to obtain. We also have a co-packing service that can be used but has minimum production runs and longer lead times. 

What are the Typical Order Lead Times?

This will vary based on time of year (e.g. Holiday peak) and existing customer backlogs but most in stock bulk orders are completed, filled and shipped within 1-2 business days. We will promptly notify you of any items that are backordered and estimated delivery timelines.

What do I need to get started?

It’s easy. You can order online now or call us at 866-999-7258 M-F, 8- 4 PM PST.

If you already have a wholesale account, you can also call or email us at customerservice@seasaltsuperstore.com and we’ll configure your account for online access. If you need to get set up as a wholesale account, please complete your application online

What is your privacy policy?

We do not sell, rent, or distribute our customer information to anyone. All customer information is considered strictly confidential including any information shared as part of our drop ship/whitelabel program.

Do I need a resale number to buy from you?

We prefer one as it helps us document our account sales for tax purposes. Customers without resale certificates may be charged sales tax when applicable.

Have a question not addressed here? Please email us at sales@seasaltsuperstore.com or call us at 866-999-7258.

Last Updated: August 2020