Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan pink salt was formed when an ancient body of water slowly evaporated, leaving behind a mineral-rich salt bed that over hundreds of millions of years was combined with the remaining seabed materials such as clay and stone. Under tremendous pressure and millions of years, these materials were forged together as the Himalayan Mountain Range. Once formed, they encased the salt deposits together with clay, stone and other organic matter deep within the mountains.

All Himalayan pink salt is mined exclusively in Pakistan. We've spent more than 13 years building strong relationships with a reputable, FDA-registered suppliers that has afforded us control of the best raw salt deposits from the mine to our customers. During the mining and excavation process, raw salt is removed in large boulders from government regulated allocations out of a select number of mines in the Khewra Salt Range. It is then processed, sorted, seperated and and sieved.

Our supply chain and partners are world class in their operations including maintaining 3rd party audits and certifications including FDA, SQF and ISO for food safety and quality. With the increasing popularity of this salt comes new challenges from commodity importers who flood the market with significantly lower quality salt, bringing artificially lower prices to suppliers and retailers and selling greater risk for retailers, manufacturers and ultimately consumers.

But also do not be fooled. Some domestic US based companies like to make claims to produce "premium, cleaner or higher quality" Himalayan salt by investing in highly skilled labor, engineering or proprietary technology or machinery. They increase prices, process and reprocess salts needlessly and claim a superior quality. But the truth is, starting with reputable supply chain partners who have invested in food safety best practices, achieved certifications from highly reputable and accredited organizations is the most important method to ensuring high quality premium Himalayan Pink Salt without middlemen and "false profit" inflated prices. 

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We offer only the highest quality Himalayan pink salt for consumers, retailers & manufacturers. As a leading supplier of all-natural, food-grade Himalayan pink salt, we know the importance of quality when in comes to Himalayan Pink Salt. Both our own Caravel Gourmet and private label brands for retailers and manufactuers require only the best when it comes to processing and packing our food grade salts. Our commitment to quality and food safety makes our pink salt some of the very best in the world! 

Beloved for its beautiful color and naturally rich in trace mineral contents, this delicious and versatile salt flavor makes Himalayan pink salt highly sought after by consumers. And today, now more than ever, consumers want to know where their foods and ingredients are coming from. These origin-driven trends (farm to table, bean to bar, salt to cellar) mean that all-natural pink Himalayan salt will continue to become increasingly important and ubiquitous in the retail sector and to consumers.


Not all Himalayan pink salt is created equal. Commodity importers and other suppliers have introduced significantly lower quality Himalayan salt that may include impurities, insoluble and inedible materials such as metal fragments, pieces of rock or stone, clay particles, dust and other organic material. Lower quality Himalayan salt also has a less enjoyable flavor profile and performs poorly for customers—clogging salt shakers and salt grinders. At Sea Salt Superstore, we guarantee the authenticity and quality of all our salts. 


Our Himalayan Pink Salt is available in a variety of grain sizes including powder and fine to medium, coarse, extra coarse and "chunk" sizes. We're happy to send out samples or spec sheets as you explore the correct size for your needs. 

  • Powder: Grain Size: 0.0 - 0.2 mm
  • Fine: Grain Size: 0.2 - 0.8 mm
  • Small: Grain Size: 1.0 - 2.0 mm
  • Medium: Grain Size: 1.0 - 3.0 mm
  • Coarse: Grain Size: 2.0 - 4.0 mm
  • Extra Coarse: Grain Size: 4.0 - 6.0 mm
  • Chunks - 1-3" each
  • Solid Bricks and Slabs in various sizes

Questions to Ask Your Salt Supplier

  • Is your raw salt supplier registered with the FDA?
  • In compliance with new FSMA regulations?
  • What safety and quality standards and certifications do they hold?
  • If the raw salt is "single source" from one mine and a single, trusted and reputable raw salt supplier.
  • Is the facility third-party audited? By what certifying body?
  • What food safety certifications do you have?
  • Does the facility meet GFSI (the Global Food Safety Initiative) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) requirements?
  • What GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) have been implemented?


Available in a variety of sizes from 8x4" to 8x12" and shapes (square, rectangular, round) we stock a varitety of Himalayan Cooking Bricks and slabs. We are one of the largest importers in the United States since 2007 including working with national retailers such as Kroger and Costco to bring high quality Himalayan Cooking Bricks to customers and their grills. Our deep trusted relationships mean that we source only the highest quality products and can offer them at competitive pricing.  


Our Himalayan Pink salt comes in a variety of grain sizes for bath & spa applications. The salt is revered for it's color (light to dark pink with hues of orange), prehistoric age (> 200 million years) and mineral content (84 trace minerals). This is a dense, granular salt that retain their texture for longer & have a slower dissolution rate in larger sizes. It is an ideal salt for use in face scrubs, therapeutic spa offerings or in creating your own scented bath salts.  We've fostered direct relationships since 2007 with only the best Himalayan salt miners and processors to assure the highest quality wholesale Himalayan Pink Bath Salt available. So whether you need a powder grain for scrubs and cleaners or coarse grain for creating your own scented salt, our Himalayan bath salts are pristine, mineral-rich salts ideal for bath and spa applications. They are ideal for wholesale customers making their own bath salt blends, scented bath salts, repackaging or for use at the health & beauty spa. 

  • Available in variety of bulk bags and super sacks. 
  • Private Label and custom supply chain solutions available
  • Our volume and direct relationships allow us to be a price leader 
  • In stock and ready to ship next day

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