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 Himalayan Pink Ancient Salt Fine Grain - 4oz - Case of  6

Himalayan Pink Ancient Salt Fine Grain - 4oz - Stackable Container Case of 6 - Caravel Gourmet

This natural salt is mined from the Himalayan mountains where salt was formed millions of years ago as the inland sea evaporated and became encased in the formation of mountains. Colored a beautiful pink and with a distinctive taste due to its unique mineral content, this amazing salt is renowned for its nutritional and health properties.

5 Pepper Sea Salt - 4 oz - Stackable Container - Caravel Gourmet - Case of 6

5 Pepper Sea Salt - Caravel Gourmet - Case Pack of 6

The combination of fine grain natural sea salt with five time-tested, chef-approved peppers creates an amazing flavorful experience. Excellent for seasoning meats, salads, eggs, burgers, fish and potatoes. If you like to salt and pepper your foods, you're going to love this infused salt. Use for cooking, rubs, and toppings on all of your favorite foods.



Atlantic Sea Salt - 40 lbs - Coarse Grain

Atlantic Sea Salt - 40 Lbs - Type III - Coarse

100% natural sea salt, obtained by natural evaporation of sea water, refined and dried by physical agents exclusively, without using any kind of additives.  It complies with sanitary requirements for obtaining, commercialization and circulation of salt and brine. Can be used as an ingredient in products with “All Natural” labeling.

The product has clean, white crystals, free of foreign matters, odorless, soluble in water with an open saline taste, lacking unnatural flavors.

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