Our vertical integration - from our exclusive salt harvester contracts, proprietary methods for infusion to our contract packing facilities and a worry-free logistics supply chain, we are your end to end solution when it comes to salt. It is this end to end approach that makes Sea Salt Superstore a pre-eminent choice for your next salt project. 


As an FDA regulated and certified facility, safety & quality are always our top priorities.  We adhere to all HACCP guidelines at our owned and operated facilities with our salt harvesters all operating with global GFSI and SQF level certifications. Our dedication to the purity of our salts also extends and includes rigorous supply chain tracking, sourcing audits, SQF and GFSI documentation, necessary certifications and testing documentation. 


Our proprietary “Precisely Pure” salt process is an additional quality assurance step that examines each batch of salt to remove imperfections, foreign materials and discolored grain particles originating from the natural salt harvest process. This sophisticated process combines specialized industrial equipment and is coupled with physical inspection and quality assurance checks at each stage from experienced salt experts resulting in “Precisely Pure” Salts with 99.9% purity. 


Sea Salt Superstore is a leading supplier of all-natural Himalayan Pink salt for consumers, retailers & manufacturers. Our direct relationships with miners and tradesmen near and around the Khewra mine provide the highest quality and price for all grain sizes, accessories and salt blocks and slabs. See our selection of Himalayan salts.


Our flexible facilities are designed to support contract and co-packing solutions whether they require high volume automated filling, semi-automated or hand packing. We have a track record of delivering on time and budget for projects of all sizes to supplement your own packing capabilities or facilities. And we offer short term storage functionality in our climate controlled food grade facilities. Our facilities are climate controlled and allergen free. Learn more or contact us.


Private label solutions are available with low minimum and set up fees. We offer a broad line of standard packaging types including pouch, shaker, pinch jars, food service, rimmer tins and stand up bags. Our design services team can also help with label and packaging design if needed. So if you have a special event, boutique store or any situation where you’d like to put your brand on our shelf ready products, private label is a great option. Learn more about our private label program, or contact us.


We are experts in custom salt sourcing and procurement with over 13 years experience working directly with salt works from around the world. Our global supply chain also means that we are experienced at locating supply from around the world and making sure it gets where you need it in a cost effective manner. So if you need something specific, chances are that we can locate it across our network, negotiate the best price on your behalf and coordinate delivery. Get in touch so we can help.