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Articles, Resources and Salt Education

Articles, Resources and Salt Education

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Salt History


Salt is essential to life. The chemical name for salt is sodium chloride or NaCl. Sodium and chloride are both electrolytes that conduct electricity and can be found in body fluid, tissue, and blood. ...

Dead Sea Salt


The Dead Sea is a lake fed by the Jordan River and in ancient times it was known by many names such as the Salt Sea, the Eastern Sea, and the Sea of Sodom. Most of the names reference the fact that...

Where in the World did that Salt come from?


Location is the most critical aspect of salt making. The location determines where the sea water comes from to make the brine and the environment in which the brine is evaporated to create the salt...

Salt Information Guide


The Salt Salt Superstore produces one of the largest collections of naturally produced gourmet sea salts in the world. The gourmet sea salt collections are available in bulk packaging, retail packagin...

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