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The Sea Salt Superstore specializes in searching the world for the highest quality natural gourmet sea salts and gourmet products. Chefs and gourmet cooks have found that natural sea salts produced in different parts of the world have their own distinct flavor and texture that enhance that special entrée.  Natural sea salts are produced with no anti caking agents, bleach and contain all their trace minerals.

The Sea Salt Superstore offers one of the largest selections of high quality sea salts in the world. We offer gourmet sea salts from France, Hawaii, Indonesia, Japan,  Korea, Italy,  Maine, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Portugal, Spain and other exotic locations in the world. The Sea Salt Superstore has three subsidiaries, Caravel Gourmet, SeaLina Spa and Healthy Himalaya that produce a wide range of natural salt products.

In addition to offering gourmet sea salts, the Sea Salt Superstore also specializes in offering some of the highest quality natural bath salts in the world. Bath salts from the Dead Sea are mineral rich and they will revitalize your skin. A Dead Sea salt bath will soothe your body with relaxation, easing muscle tension and softening your skin. We also offer a wide range of Himalayan salt products that are between 200 to 500 million years old and really incredible.

We sell sea salts to retail and wholesale customers by the ounce, pound or ton. We offer the highest quality products at the lowest price and we usually ship the same day.