5 Easy Ways to Use Smoked Bacon and Onion Sea Salt in Recipes

5 Easy Ways to Use Smoked Bacon and Onion Sea Salt in Recipes


Smoked Bacon & Onion Fried Egg. This is super-easy and so delicious. When your egg is almost ready to come out of the pan, just sprinkle it with Smoked Bacon & Onion Sea Salt - it’s an easy way to give your eggs instant flavor. 

Smoked Bacon & Onion Brown or White Rice. Adding flavored sea salt to your rice when you add the rice and the water brings out amazing flavors.   It’s simple - when you measure out your water and your rice, and start bringing the water to a boil, just add a teaspoon or two of Smoked Bacon & Onion Sea Salt to the water and stir.   That’s it - your rice will be better than you can imagine.

Smoked Bacon & Onion Steak. Do you know when to salt your steak? If you’re cooking tomorrow, sprinkle Smoked Bacon & Onion Sea Salt tonight - letting the salt sit on the steak longer (up to overnight) will make the steak even better. Don’t have time? Then salt it right before you cook it (like, within 3 minutes).

Smoked Bacon & Onion Roasted Potatoes. After you’ve cut your potatoes into 1” cubes, toss them in oil and sprinkle with Smoked Bacon & Onion Sea Salt before roasting them at 350F for 45 minutes.  

Smoked Bacon & Onion Chicken. You can salt a chicken two ways, depending on how much time you have.   If you’re going to cook in the next hour or two (up to 6 hours), make a brine - add ¼ cup Smoked Bacon & Onion Sea Salt for every 1 cup hot water (dissolve the salt) and 1 cup ice water.   Take the pieces of chicken you’re going to cook, and add them to the brine.   If you’re going to cook 6 hours or more away, then coat the pieces in a healthy sprinkle of Smoked Bacon & Onion Sea Salt, wrap them back up, and put them in the fridge.

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