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Facts and Myths: Everything You Need to Know about Sea Salt

For numerous decades, sea salt has been a popular food ingredient. Sea salt-infused products are considered exceptional, authentic, and environmentally friendly. Vacuum or rock salt is widely used in the culinary industry due to its abundant availability. Because of the efforts of ambitious market participants, sea salt is now more widely available and preferred by chefs and manufacturers alike.

If you run a food business, it is critical to be knowledgeable about sea salt. Read on as we discuss the facts and myths about sea salt today.

The Advantages of Sea Salt for Food Businesses

Food companies will realize increased efficiency if they only utilize sea salt in their processes. Today, there are three known distinct advantages to using sea salt, such as:

  • It Streamlines the Purchasing and Inventory Processes 

  • Many food manufacturers use traditional vacuum salt or table salt for their conventional products and sea salt for their organic ones. As a result, stock management is unnecessarily complicated because two critical components may be acquired from different vendors. Many people are unaware that high-quality sea salt and vacuum salt can be used interchangeably. And in some cases, fewer lbs of sea salt are required per recipe because the salt-forward flavor has not been stripped away from excessive processing. Meaning, manufacturers have maximum flexibility to reduce SKUs and also create maximum ROI. 

  • It Facilitates the Efficiency of the Manufacturing Process

  • The manufacturing and labor costs of salting a product are not uncommon to exceed the cost of the salt itself - excluding transport costs. The SKU fragmentation of salts with little to no functional difference raises prices unnecessarily as opposed to our direct model. Only the use of sea salt allows for an increase in industrial flow using any of the manufacturing techniques, including both conventional and organic approaches. Some facilities even concentrate their buying to support bulk water conditioning, for both dishes and the water.

  • It Increases the Interest of Customers

  • The usage of sea salt benefits both flavor and sustainability. In this day and age, when people are looking for things with "clean labeling," sea salt is a clear winner. Mined table salt is expensive, unsustainable, and drains natural resources including energy. Solar, wind, and other types of natural energy are used in the harvesting of sea salt.

    The 3 Most Common Myths about Sea Salt

    Certain beliefs regarding sea salt are false and should be dismissed. . Once understood, food manufacturers will continue to prefer natural sea salt over other types of salt. 

    Here are the three most common myths about sea salt:

  • Sea Salt is Lower Quality  than Vacuum Salt

  • Our sea salt is harvested and processed to be >99% pure making it an industry leader in purity and quality. While hand-harvested sea salts traditionally retain an earthy mineral taste, they also retail sand and seashells in small quantities. Our proprietary methods and current processing technologies are successful in eliminating impurities from sea salt making it THE  premium quality product in the market. 

  • Using Sea Salt Is an Added Cost

  • The price of sea salt, like the price of the mined, table, and other vacuum salts, is influenced by external factors such as labor, fuel, freight, and the impact of imports. 

    When large quantities of sea salt are collected, the landed price is surprisingly competitive with that of vacuum salt. Furthermore, the marginally higher cost of sea salt is insignificant when compared to the total expenses incurred in making the product relative to consumer demand or willingness to pay for a premium all-natural and clean-label ingredients.

  • Switching to Sea Salt Changes Ingredient Lists and Recipes

  • No, it is not necessary to include the natural label. "Salt" or "natural salt" are names for sea salt as well. With this, you do not need to change ingredient lists and recipes, regardless of how much advertising promotes the benefits of sea salt!


    The beauty of sea salt is everlasting. This all-natural food component is a sustainable and more effective way to elevate the food served by restaurants and food businesses alike. Make the switch today and see your desired results come to life.

    Are you looking for all-natural sea salt? Sea Salt Superstore is a reliable supplier of quality sea salt to help food businesses serve the best dishes to their customers. Contact us today for bulk orders!

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