Will Salt Water Kill Weeds? What You Need to Know About Using Salt to Kill Weeds

Will Salt Water Kill Weeds? What You Need to Know About Using Salt to Kill Weeds

Saltwater can actually be a natural option to tackle those pesky weeds in your garden! It works by dehydrating and damaging the plant tissues, leading to their demise. However, it's crucial to be cautious when using saltwater as a weed killer, as it can also harm the soil and surrounding plants.

Here's what you need to know about using salt water as a weed killer, plus a recipe for a DIY salt water weed killer.

Targeted Application: It's really important to apply the saltwater directly to the weeds you want to eliminate while avoiding contact with your beloved plants. Spraying or pouring saltwater on the weed leaves and stems can help dry them out and take care of those unwelcome intruders.

Concentration: A stronger saltwater solution will be more effective against weeds. But remember, finding the right balance is key to prevent soil contamination and harm to nearby plants. Using a highly concentrated solution can have long-lasting effects, making it difficult for future plant growth. See below for our recommended DIY recipe.

Protect Your Plants: While battling the weeds, it's essential to shield your desirable plants from saltwater exposure. You can create physical barriers or employ shielding methods to keep the saltwater runoff away from your beloved plants.

Soil Health: Be mindful of soil impact. Using excessive saltwater as a weed killer can make the soil too salty, making it hard for plants to absorb water and nutrients. Over time, this can harm your soil's health and hinder the growth of your desired plants.

Environmental Considerations: Let's not forget about the environment! Be mindful of the potential impact when using saltwater. Excessive salt runoff can harm water sources, aquatic ecosystems, and the plants and wildlife around. Aim for a balance between weed control and environmental stewardship.


Creating your own saltwater weed killer is a cost-effective and natural approach to combatting unwanted weeds in your garden. Here's a simple DIY recipe for a saltwater weed killer:



Prepare your mixture: Fill a large container or bucket with one gallon of water. Add two cups of table salt or rock salt to the water. Stir the mixture until the salt is completely dissolved.

Optional: Enhance effectiveness with dish soap: If you'd like to increase the effectiveness of the weed killer, you can add one tablespoon of dish soap to the mixture. The dish soap helps the solution adhere to the weed leaves, making it more effective. The best dish soap would be one rated all-natural/organic.

Transfer to a sprayer: Carefully pour the saltwater solution into a garden sprayer or a spray bottle with a nozzle. If you're using a sprayer, ensure it's clean and free from any other chemicals.

Application: On a dry and sunny day, spray the saltwater solution directly onto the leaves and stems of the weeds you want to target. Ensure thorough coverage, but be cautious not to overspray onto desirable plants, as the saltwater can harm them as well.

Repeat as needed: Depending on the resilience of the weeds, you may need to repeat the application over a few days or weeks to effectively eliminate them. Monitor the progress and reapply the saltwater solution as necessary.

By using this DIY saltwater weed killer, you can effectively target and control weeds in a natural and affordable way. Happy gardening!

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