Founded in 2007, we started as a small direct importer, distributor and reseller of packaged salts from around the world and operated a small retail store in Lynnwood, Washington. We quickly outgrew a small retail footprint and expanded our manufacturing and processing capabilities to include proprietary methods of smoking and infusing gourmet salts to create the broadest selection of gourmet salts in the world.

In addition, our teams have launched and scaled several retail brands nationwide including Caravel Gourmet, Healthy Himalaya, Sealina Spa and The Salty Chef across retailers including Costco, Kroger and hundreds of independent and specialty stores.

Today, we continue to outpace industry growth and are expanding our salt solutions even further by launching high volume ingredient salt solutions for food processors and manufacturers in the United States as well as exporting our exotic salt collections around the world.  

We are not just a recognized leading manufacturer and distributor in the gourmet salt industry. Sea Salt Superstore is a company truly passionate about our customers and their success. We pride ourselves on being a flexible partner to meet your business needs. Have a supply chain problem? Need to adjust delivery dates? Need to expedite or overnight a pallet so production doesn’t stop? Does your current supplier frequently run out of stock, jack up the price or require long lead times? We can help solve all of those challenges and you’d be surprised how creative we can get to help customers in a pinch. Not sure? Just ask. 

We are salt nerds who obsess about salt. All kinds of salt. All hours of the day. That level of obsession is built into our culture of continuous improvement. From working with our harvesting partners to improve annual salt yields, to identifying a process to “grow” a grain size for a new line of natural bath salts, our team obsesses about doing things better, faster and with more passion than any other ingredient supplier you’ll meet. And while it doesn’t mean we’ve never run “out-of-stock” or made mistakes along the way, but it does mean that we will do our best to build your trust and earn your business day in and day out. We will commit to continuously getting better at our craft every day and surround ourselves with peers, colleagues and customers committed to the same. We work tirelessly to innovate for superior quality using superior technology and modern supply chain efforts. 

From large box wholesale clubs to national grocery distribution, we have been a trusted leader in the category since 2007. Over the years, we’ve expanded our direct wholesaler network, developed direct to consumer offerings and created thousands of private label offerings for our customers. We’ve served large food manufacturers with truckload deliveries of our premium food grade sea salt and have worked with celebrity chefs on menu and recipe development. Our experience and customer focus sets us apart from the rest.